Guidelines for Buying an Apartment in "Bulevar"


After reviewing and selecting the apartment, the buyer of the selected apartment can reserve. The real estate-apartment reservation lasts 5 days to have the ability to make a decision on the way of payment, financing, check its creditworthiness as well as credit conditions.

The apartment booking is free and does not require a deposit.


If the buyer decides to buy the apartment, the next step is to sign a purchase agreement.

The purchase agreement defines the subject of the sale, the total contracted purchase price as well as the manner and the payment deadline. By signing the sales contract, the institution of the cap is also contracted under the law on bonds.


After the signing of the sales agreement between the buyer and the seller, upon completion of the construction and fulfillment of certain conditions (technical acceptance received, obtaining the license, done the flooring and done in the ZK office) is approaching the signing of a notarially processed sales contract with all elements.

The customer is presented with the ZK extract with exactly defined KCE (cadastral partition floor), defines the subject of sale, the total contracted purchase price, the manner and time of payment, the manner and the time of the customer's introduction to the apartment.

Signing a contract with a notary of access to a seller - an authorized person or an authorized attorney and a buyer.

The cost of the notarial processing of the sales contract is borne by the buyer.


The buyer is obliged to pay the amount specified in the sales contract to the one defined in the transaction contract by the commercial bank, as specified in the sales contract.


If the buyer decides to make a payment through a housing loan or a mortgage loan, it is necessary to contact one of the business banks with the application with a notary contract processed. If it is a mortgage loan, it is necessary to declare - the consent of the seller to the realization of the property - the apartment that is the subject of the contract.

Upon approval of the loan, the buyer agrees to sign a loan agreement with the bank creditor and thereafter a mortgage contract signed by the buyer - the borrower, the bank representative and the seller's agent.

After the signing of the mortgage agreement, the registration is entered into the ZK office and the bank creditor transfers to the transaction account of the seller the amount approved by the loan contract.

The costs of the notarial processing of the mortgage contract are borne by the buyer.


Realization of the property - the apartment is done after the technical acceptance of the building (obtaining a license) and after the buyer has paid the seller the agreed purchase price in full. By fulfilling these conditions, the buyer becomes eligible to enter the property. The seller issues to the buyer a confirmation that the contract price has been paid in full.

The buyer and the buyer together go to the real estate and make up the receipt of the real estate transfer, on that occasion the buyer takes the keys of the apartment. With the record of the transfer of real estate, a copy of the ID card and a copy of the notarial contract processed, the customer is registered as a beneficiary with the competent KJCAP and other authorized companies (water, gas, heating, telephony and the like).

Login and Connection El. the energy is realized according to the FERC Rules and the Rules of Connection of the JP Elektroprivreda and which is defined by the sales contract.


All buyers of newly built apartments according to the applicable legal regulations are exempt from paying real estate sales tax because they buy a newly built apartment from a legal person - builder. Regardless of that customer, he must contact the competent tax authority within the legal deadline and obtain a release tax release decision. Depending on the location of the object - real estate in the area that the political municipality has been constructed, the jurisdiction of the tax administration is also determined.


By paying the entire amount of the purchase price, the buyer receives a written confirmation that the purchase price has been paid in full.

With that confirmation, the purchaser in the notary who handled the purchase agreement with the notary has taken over the original payment - the land register agreement with the clause of the intabuland - a tabular statement on the basis of which the buyer can be registered in the land register as owner of the property without the consent of the seller.

The buyer becomes the owner of the real estate only with the registration in the land register. In order to have the buyer registered as a previous owner, obtain a decision on the release of the sales tax from the competent tax administration.

Only with the obtained solution the delivery of the source of the sales contract is submitted to the ZK Office of the Municipal Court in Sarajevo.